About Dr. Ravishankar Polisetty

MD General Physician
Ordinatura General, Lap and Laser Surgery
Ordinatura Cardiovascular Surgery
Aspirantura (PhD) Cardiovascular Surgery
ND Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, India
MD Alternative Medicine, India
DNM Doctor in Natural Medicine, Canada and USA
DHS Doctorate In Humanitarian Sciences, Canada and USA
Watson Data Scientist, SW Programmer ( Python, C++, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

Dr. Ravishankar Polisetty is a Cardiovascular Surgeon turned Naturopath by profession. He is currently based in India with offices in the United States, Russia and Canada.
Dr. Polisetty is the honorary head of Departments of Cardiology and Immunology, ANO research Institute for lmmunopathology at Moscow Medical Academy, Russia. He serves as a research consultant for the ‘Intellectual Property’ at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. He is also a senior consultant for cardiovascular surgery, OOO MANI, Moscow; Clinical Trial Coordinator at Arbor Surgicals, CA, USA.


He also served as a Medical Advisor at Speed Well Being, Green Templeton College, Oxford University, UK. Earlier in his career, he participated in USFDA monitored clinical trials for medical device companies. He is a member of several North-American, Indian, European and Russian cardiac surgery societies and organizations. In his career, he has performed over 1,500 general surgeries and over 1,500 cardiovascular surgeries.

Dr. Polisetty has undertaken 100-man years of translational research to come up with Poly Scientific Ayurveda™ which is unique, scientific and holistic understanding of the human body. With this revolutionizing research, he has several patents pending for the methodologies in regenerative medicine. During an annual convention of Heart Failure Society of America in September 2009, Dr. Polisetty demonstrated total regeneration of the heart for the first time in the world in experimental animals.

Dr. Polisetty developed methodologies by an integrative approach to effectively manage IHD, arthritis, allergies, bronchial asthma, calculi in various organs and some forms of cancer. During the course of his professional and research life, he published over 50 scientific articles in international peer reviewed journals. He shared his research through posters, conference presentations and numerous guest lectures at top universities across the world. His seminars in Toronto formed part of the document ‘Integrative Health Task Force’ for Health Canada.

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SGP Foundation

Sai Ganga Panakeia is a company that developed cutting-edge medical technologies and clinical methodologies by combining Modern Allopathic system of medicine and the Ayurveda - Ancient Indian Wisdom of Medical Science. By studying the original scriptures of Ayurveda that date back to more than 5000 years, we have developed 30 all-natural non-invasive tested formulations for restoring health and are undergoing patents. The methodology involves coordination of the body, mind and spirit of an individual by bringing about balance of Vata, Pitha and Kapha. While modern medicine looks to treat the disease, Ayurveda deals with the root of the disease and helps not only curing a disease but also helps to prevent disease from occurring. Combining both the systems of medicine, helps us understand molecular processes occurring in an individual and diagnose disease appropriately. The combination not just manages a disease but appropriately cure a condition so that a person could lead a healthy and joyful life.



Dr Ravishankar Polisetty as a distinguished Speaker in the Plenary Session III – AYUSH During Advantage Healthcare India 2018, on December 4th 2018, Delhi

Plenary Session II – Technology in Indian Healthcare System, during Advantage Healthcare India 2018, on December 4th 2018, Delhi

Felicitation - Plenary Session II - Technology in Indian Healthcare System During Advantage Healthcare India 2018, on December 4th 2018, Delhi

At CEO Roundtable During Advantage Healthcare India 2018, on December 4th 2018, Delhi

At CEO Roundtable During Advantage Healthcare India 2018, on December 4th 2018, Delhi

Dr Ravishankar Polisetty With Ms Sangeetha Reddy- Joint Managing Director Apollo Hospital groups, Delhi

Presenting Docture-P to Jeyaar Swamiji

Docture-P presentation at Taves Show, Canada

Speech on Delivering advanced Health Informatics built on Scientific Ayurveda at Lion Club Association